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Irish Sayings for Health, Prosperity, and Fortune (and the 2023 List of Wrong Tasks)

It’s the beginning of a new year. We’re all trying out new things, looking to improve life a little more. Yes, even me. I know it seems odd for such a perfect specimen to ‘improve’…but one can try.

To such an end, let’s finish January with some pithy sayings for the year ahead. These come from one of my favorite cultures – the Irish.

“Away with the faeries”

Not facing reality, in denial, in la-la land. Or you really got kidnapped by a bunch of capricious dimension-hoppers.

“May the road rise up to meet you”

A merging of Celtic and Christian expression, meant as an admonition for success, safe travels, and good fortune.
I suppose you could reverse this into an insult – “May the road be full of potholes! May an elusive pebble find its way into your shoe!”


Tired. Methinks everyone could use this one nowadays, just because!


Done the wrong way, you did it wrong. Don’t overuse; its power weakens with understanding.

“Hope springs eternal”

One can always, always have hope.

“It’s better to pay the butcher than the doctor.”

A healthy diet costs less and lasts longer than expensive medical treatments. You can’t season anesthetic anyway.

“You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.”

Don’t overthink things. Take action as soon as possible. Raise your hand if this is the hard—ah, most of us I see.

“It’s not a delay to stop and sharpen the scythe.”

Take every opportunity to learn new things. Like how to swing a scythe! It’s fun to do, and terrifies onlookers!

(Want more? Here’s a pair of good pages with plenty!)
26 Common Irish Sayings and Meanings (The Irish Store)
Irish Proverbs and what they Mean (Claddagh Design)

Monkey with a pebble
And this is a monkey. He threw the pebble in your shoe. Honest.

There you go. A good shot in the metaphorical arm for the year. Say them out loud a few times and you’ll have them stuck in the brain-meats for good.

At least, I hope 2023 is good. Good to all of us, as we proceed with our self-improvements.

Oh right! I should talk about what I plan for 2023, author-wise. Very well, you shall have…


  1. Complete and publish “The Stiamaq Emerald.” The cover is complete as of this month. It’s fantastic. I’ll send it around in a separate sneak-peek.
    1. The book is drafted! I’m now working with beta readers and an editor to finalize.
    2. This book will publish on Kindle AND paperback at the same time. Some of you prefer paperback to start out, so that’s what we’ll do.
    3. I’m targeting a publication date of 2-19-23 right now. Watch for further emails on that.
  2. Transpose & publish the untitled Stymph Sequence story.
    1. In 2020 I began writing out a short story set in the Stymph Sequence. I’ll be honest; I did it mostly as a way to keep spirits up. Because, well, 2020. I hand-wrote it for the meditative benefit. It grew and grew, until it reached novella length.
    2. I’ll need to transpose it to digital, clean it up, and of course title it. Once I do, I may try out the “Kindle Vella” approach. Might also try a different publishing platform. You’ll hear all about it in future newsletters.
  3. Resume work on “The Renaissance Compact.”
    1. In the latter half of the year, I plan to reopen the notebook where I began writing the second Stymph novel. It will need work…a partial rewrite from the beginning, methinks. More time required, but it’ll help in the end.

What would you like to see more of in “The Wrong Message” this coming year?

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