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Inspector Locke Mysteries

Mysteries for realists. Readers who want to see the characters think first…THEN punch somebody!

Trevor Locke is a former FBI agent in medical retirement. When he was an agent, he did his job well. “The law is the law, and it applies to all.” Tough but fair. Cynical but smart.

Now he lives quietly in San Jose, and looks out his windows each day with a narrowed, critical eye.

Until an old friend asks a favor. A murder has taken place, and nobody knows why. Can Trevor Locke return to the fight? Put his observational skills, awareness of the human mind’s workings, and some old-fashioned stubbornness to good use once more?

You bet he can.

When you need more than just another investigator. When you need someone out there to make things happen.

Get the kid back.
Break down the doors.
Drag the criminals into the light of day.

That’s when you call Inspector Locke.


Books in the Inspector Locke Series


The Lie Among Many (Book 1)

The Lie Among Many - New 2021 Cover


The Man with the Silver Cane (Book 2)

The Man with the Silver Cane - New 2021 Cover


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