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The Wrong Writer – Chris Williams. Writing Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror. Wrongly.

Hi, I’m Chris, The Wrong Writer.

Here for some enjoyable reads? You’re in the Wrong place.

Yes, I know the hat’s awesome, but quit staring.

My writing is most enjoyable…but fair warning, it’s not normal. Why? Well, I’m not normal. I have in my 44 years (to date)…

  • Seriously considered founding a religion centered on Krampus
  • Conceived an entire universe while in the throes of heatstroke. They never let me back into that sauna.
  • Somehow built a career in Silicon Valley while dual-wielding an English degree and computer smarts.

What should you expect from my books then?

  1. Dollops of sarcasm
  2. Random hey-wait-a-minute epiphanies
  3. Curious plots with curiouser characters
  4. The unnerving terror from approaching ‘The End’
  5. Sadistic grins from reading richly-deserved comeuppances
  6. And several hours of genuine, guilt-free, zero-calorie reading enjoyment.

What kind of books I like to write:

Books that are easy to read. Books that take a fresh angle as early as possible. Books that pepper in some humor, even in the midst of horror. Books with characters people love/hate/love to hate. Stories as original as possible. Stories that demonstrate creativity (and exercise my own).

[I’m a very cerebral person. I write technical documentation for fun. Since fiction is one of the most demanding creative exercises out there…perfect!]


Author Newsletter – “The Wrong Message”

An author’s newsletter which produces genuine thought. And involuntary snorts.


Blog of Hilarious Wrongness
(+2 to Wisdom if You Read All the Way Without Laughing)

Articles on writing (wrongly), juicy background details for my stories, philosophical ponderences, aww-inducing anecdotes, and book snippets for unashamedly hooking more readers.

  • How to Generate ‘The Creeps’ in a Reader’s Mind
    The monster is coming. You hear its shuffles down the hall. The door won’t budge. No way out! We’re all familiar with this trope. Seen it a hundred times in movies, books, TV. On some level we know what will happen. Yet somehow, whenever this moment arrives, it sends a … Read more
  • The Origin of the Turncoat / Traitor
    The first real “Traitor” character I remember reading as a kid, was Cephelo from “The Elfstones of Shannara.” Smarmy slimeball, completely amoral, ego the size of a small planet…this guy could make used car salesmen uncomfortable. His actions messed up a lot of things in the storyline. Fortunately for everyone … Read more
  • The Qamaits Myth, Explained
    How Obscure Mythologies Can Become Powerful Story Characters I can’t claim expertise in urban fantasy yet – only written one book in it (so far!). So, when working out the storyline for “The Stiamaq Emerald,” I had to figure out a good solid plotline without too much complexity. First major … Read more

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Question on my stories? Having the slightest hiccup on ordering a book? Please contact me so I can help out.