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The Wrong Writer – Chris Williams. Writing Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Horror. Wrongly.

Hi, I’m Chris, The Wrong Writer.

Here for some enjoyable reads? You’re in the Wrong place.

Yes, I know the hat’s awesome, but quit staring.

My writing is most enjoyable…but fair warning, it’s not normal. Why? Well, I’m not normal. I have in my 44 years (to date)…

  • Seriously considered founding a religion centered on Krampus
  • Conceived an entire universe while in the throes of heatstroke. They never let me back into that sauna.
  • Somehow built a career in Silicon Valley while dual-wielding an English degree and computer smarts.

What should you expect from my books then?

  1. Dollops of sarcasm
  2. Random hey-wait-a-minute epiphanies
  3. Curious plots with curiouser characters
  4. The unnerving terror from approaching ‘The End’
  5. Sadistic grins from reading richly-deserved comeuppances
  6. And several hours of genuine, guilt-free, zero-calorie reading enjoyment.

What kind of books I like to write:

Books that are easy to read. Books that take a fresh angle as early as possible. Books that pepper in some humor, even in the midst of horror. Books with characters people love/hate/love to hate. Stories as original as possible. Stories that demonstrate creativity (and exercise my own).

[I’m a very cerebral person. I write technical documentation for fun. Since fiction is one of the most demanding creative exercises out there…perfect!]


Author Newsletter – “The Wrong Message”

An author’s newsletter which produces genuine thought. And involuntary snorts.


Blog of Hilarious Wrongness
(+2 to Wisdom if You Read All the Way Without Laughing)

Articles on writing (wrongly), juicy background details for my stories, philosophical ponderences, aww-inducing anecdotes, and book snippets for unashamedly hooking more readers.

  • Fun Thoughts on Apocalypses
    Let’s lighten things up and talk about apocalypses! Yes, it’s highly Wrong to root around in the radioactive soil of the ‘Apocalypse’ context. That’s why I do it. What curious revelations might we find? Could we employ some in books? There must be a way. But first, we must ask…
  • The Origin of the Priest / Priestess
    When I use the word, “Priest,” what do you envision? Someone droning in front of a congregation perhaps? At least during the day. At night they blast demons with righteous fury! Or at least that’s how the last campaign went. Darn sneaky Mimics… What about “Priestess?” Maybe a group of…
  • 11 Awful Ponderings
    If our universe doesn’t have an edge, how is it expanding? Why is the alphabet in the order it is? Why didn’t they put X at the end? Or O before N? What if, centuries ago, someone making a calendar accidentally missed a day. Then we’d all feel like something’s…

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Question on my stories? Having the slightest hiccup on ordering a book? Please contact me so I can help out.