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11 Awful Ponderings

If our universe doesn’t have an edge, how is it expanding?

Why is the alphabet in the order it is? Why didn’t they put X at the end? Or O before N?

What if, centuries ago, someone making a calendar accidentally missed a day. Then we’d all feel like something’s off, every day, forever…

Feeling Puzzled

How do you know some invisible guy isn’t in the room with you right now?

Knowledge is knowing soaps use glycerol, a substance also used to make explosive nitroglycerin. Wisdom is not lighting your soap and throwing it at someone.


Thoughts Starting to Hurt
Okay, okay, it’s starting to hurt…


Would you rather never be able to use deodorant…or give up air conditioning?

Do ants live in a different dimension? That would explain how they can suddenly appear in a room…

Are we the same person moment to moment? Well, you were a different person ten years ago. And five years. And one year. How much ‘sameness’ would last between intervals, preserving who we really are, and—
Oh wait, I’m talking to a different person. Never mind.


Brain Hurts
Why? WHY?!?

Clowns are some of the best survivalists.
No, really. Think about it.

  • They make many people happy, especially kids, so those people won’t want to hurt them.
  • They can turn into evil clowns in seconds and scare most people off.
  • Cannibals won’t eat them because they taste funny.
  • And they’re so good at organization they can fit everything they need into one car.

If we make olive oil from pressing olives…how do we make baby oil?

If flowers could talk, what would they say?
“Yes…smell me, baby…”

Mind Blown

And on that, er, fragrant note…enjoy the brain-warping!

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