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Get the Wrong Message and Enjoy a Free Stymph Story!

Have you signed up to get “The Wrong Message?” It’s not too late!

This is my author’s newsletter, in case that wasn’t clear. Yes, an author using email for communications. Writing. You’d never expect it, I know.

I’ll begin sending it out soon; mid-August is the plan. Just quarterly to start…announcements, weird ponderings, things to make you question reality (or just my sanity). You know, the kind of light reading that makes you snicker at inappropriate times.

Speaking of announcements, guess what? All subscribers get a FREE short story, set in the Stymph Sequence universe: “Three Hours as Prey.”

What would you do if a predator saw YOU as its food?
Troubling question, I know. Unfortunately for the character in this story, he has to find out.
It’s Man vs. Stymph. What happens? Sign up and you’ll see…

To sign up for “The Wrong Message,” use the signup box is in the left column. But if you prefer the direct approach, here’s a signup form.

If you signed up prior to this notice, don’t worry. I’ll send you the download link directly.

Please do join us. You have no idea what kind of weird things await my readers…oh, but you’ll see…

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