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Two Novels are In Progress…How Soon Until the Wrongness?

It’s time for a status update on my books!

Yes, books, plural. I have two on the way. Both on track for publishing this year. One is a dystopian sci-fi novel with a couple of curious twists. The other is the second in the Inspector Locke “sarcastic mystery” series.

Without further ado…the updates!



“The unthinkable has happened. Mankind has fallen–not to disease, or famine, or even to nuclear war. But to predation.

A new apex predator swept across the globe, ending our reign over the planet.

Now humanity’s remnants live in small enclaves, on constant watch for the creatures they call “Stymphs.” Where did they come from? How did they make humanity into prey? What would we have to do…to take back our planet?”

Status: In Beta Readership

If you haven’t heard the term ‘beta reader’ before, it means as follows. The work is finished, but not complete. Right now a handful of people are reading the work with a critical eye. They will supply feedback on the story, grammar, and experience to the author when they’re done reading. The author then uses the feedback to polish the work up.

After that, it’s publication time! (Boy am I glad I don’t have to add “fight with publisher/sign horribly one-sided contract/wait for printings/find out half the print run’s messed up” to that.)

This means you can expect “The Viscount of 2213” entering the Amazon Kindle ranks either at the end of January or beginning of February.



“Everyone’s favorite grumpy-faced sharp-brained Inspector is back. Trevor Locke gets a new case that’s stumping San Jose PD. A vigilante has appeared in the Bay Area…one who not only goes to extremes, but he’s somehow able to predict where crimes are about to happen.”

Status: Draft Complete, Revisions Underway

I drafted “The Man with the Silver Cane” by hand last year. Yes, I wrote it all out by hand. Here’s a shot of the three notebooks in which it resides.

Silver Cane Notebooks
See? Proof! Of many hand cramps and frustrated mornings.

Since it will need to transform into electronic format anyway, I’m typing it into the PC. This allows me to go through the entire story, reviewing the plot, spotting holes, fleshing out areas that ended up light on detail. The process flows directly into a full-story edit, as it has for all my other work.

(Yes, I have even more novels and short stories, in draft stages.)

Once editing is complete, this story will move to Beta Readers as well. You know the rest. Publication expected in mid-April right now, but I may need to nudge it out to May. Depends on how fast the previous novel’s finished up.

I focus on one novel at a time. Multitasking is bad for your willpower and your writing. Working on more than one story at once tends to cause word bleed. Hmmm, maybe I should blog about that too. Note already made by the time you read this.


There you have it folks! A little twinge of hope for those stuck within the over-demanding, ever-screeching, attention-sucking morass of modern society. Soon you have a gracious, soothing escape to enjoy. Filled with ravenous monsters and clinically-applied violence. Woohoo!

I’ll have a little surprise for you next post. It will show up on Instagram a day beforehand, so go follow me there: @10SecondsofWrong

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