An Infestation on an Insectoid Planet

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Earth does not belong to humanity.

Oh, you’ve spread quite far. Done some incredible things with the place. Even managed to get off its surface a few times. But dominance of a planet is not awarded by its exploitation.

No, no. True dominance comes from power and population. At best, humans occupy 8% of the Earth’s available surface. That doesn’t even include the depths of the oceans. Oh, if you only knew what’s waiting for you down there…

But I digress. Humans do not have the population to master Earth. Nor the power. What do I mean by that?
The power to make rain fall and earth move.
The power to shape the environment where you stand.
The power to control life itself!

That is dominion over a world. You do not have it…but your insects do. Insects decide which plants grow where. Insects balance whole climates around their needs. Insects can pollute or pacify the natural ways of continents.

Insects outnumber you a thousand to one. They go places that would kill you instantly.

You subsist on their leavings.
You operate within their paradigm.
Earth belongs to THEM.

Insects Rule

One of trillions. Free-Photos / Pixabay

Now, with all this stark reality before you, consider. When you are sick, your body works to purge the infection, yes? Of course. That is how the body functions.

What happens if the insects decide YOU are THEIR infection…?

—Lord Glanbrin’s Truths – Message #1


On Becoming a Published Author (Some Wrong Musings)

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They say becoming an author is a powerful step in one’s life. The transition from writer to author retains all these magical connotations in history and literature. Greater self-respect. Confidence in one’s work. The drive to write more! Muses appear from behind every building, coughing out smog and bellowing uncouth phrases in Gaelic!

Whooo needs to die in your novel?

Whooo needs to die in your next novel?
From Kaz / Pixabay

I might have added the last one. Either that or there’s some guy in Ireland with a unique prank for tourists.

The thing is, I don’t feel any euphoria. No desire to sit down and think upon the magnificence. Only thing that’s happened is some rain. (Which, admittedly, is a bit magical in modern-day California.)

Maybe it’s because it was a mystery? I love how the book turned out. The characters are easy to envision. Most of them will show up in future Inspector Locke novels.

I tend to think of myself more as a horror writer. Which is coming, don’t you worry.

The Wrong Reaction—Because It’s Wrong!

Confusing, aren’t I? Oh, if you could truly grasp the extent…

I’ve just finished a story that fractures the entire Heaven/Hell narrative. Take your pick of religious origin…doesn’t matter. This still shatters those ideas and scorches the fields in which they grew. With one simple…painful notion.

What is it? Well, you’ll just have to read the story and find out! I will endeavor to publish as soon as possible.

This and one other story however, I’m shopping around to podcasts first. I’d like to hear them when published. I’m even willing to provide the narration myself. Some people have said I have the chops for voice acting.

They also said I have a face for radio, which is apparently some archaic form of insult. Maybe it came from Shakespeare. He had a fairly sharp wit, according to history.

I suppose in the end, publishing one’s first book is just another milestone. A reminder that I have more ideas to bring to life. More truths and secrets and wild speculations to convey. More people to unnerve from a distance!


Announcing: “The Lie Among Many” Mystery Novel is Published

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I am happy to announce my first novel is now published on Amazon!

Say hello to…

“The Lie Among Many”

-An Inspector Locke Mystery


A Murder Mystery with a Sharp-Brained Main Character

What’s this about, you may wonder?

Here, have an introduction:

In, “The Lie Among Many,” Trevor Locke is a medically-retired FBI agent living a quiet, routine, boring life. Until his friend’s brother turns up on a lonely stretch of road with a bullet in his head. While helping with arrangements, Trevor finds out two important things: One, the victim moved several times throughout Silicon Valley in the past year. Two, the police department doesn’t care.

Taking on the task of uncovering what happened, Trevor has to rely on practised observational skills, a little human psychology, and a lot of stubbornness. He runs into likely suspects, unlikely suspects, police obstruction, and a trained killer. What he finds out is that there isn’t just one lie tangled in the victim’s past…there are several. And he has to unravel them all.

Who’ll Enjoy This Book the Most?

Are you the right kind of reader? You are if you like a bit of humor in their mystery story. The sarcasm is strong with this one.

This is the first in the “Inspector Locke” book series. But not the only one. No no…I have not one, but FOUR more titles sketched out.

How to Buy and Read the Book

It’s only 2.99 on Amazon. Here’s the page link:

Hop on over and pick up your copy!

Please leave a review too; the more I get, the more people will enjoy “The Lie Among Many.”

What’s Next for Inspector Locke?

I’ll spend a little time & money promoting TLAM in 2018. But more importantly, I have more writing to do!

In 2018 I plan to:

  1. Complete 1 more horror short story
  2. Publish an already-completed horror short story
  3. Write & publish the next Inspector Locke book

That’s where you come in.

These are the titles sketched out already. Which do you like the most?

  1. The Man with the Silver Cane
  2. The Experiment Station
  3. The Porphyric
  4. The 4 Sterling Clasps

Please comment with your favorite! (I also plan to put up a Facebook page soon, if you prefer hanging out there.)

The winner will be the next “Inspector Locke” novel.

Once again, the Amazon Page URL for “The Lie Among Many”

I will have more stories, here and on Amazon, coming up. You’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy the wrongness.

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“What’s wrong with you?”

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A friend asked me this after reading one of my short stories.

Now, this friend had known me for years prior. It’s not like he had no idea what kind of person I was. But until then, he didn’t have very much idea what kind of *writer* I was.

The question was meant in jest. Mostly. I think. But it stuck with me either way. Not just because I almost fell out of my chair laughing afterward, but also because it was true.

Wrong with me? Oh, a great many things. By one definition I’m patently insane. By others I’m a philosopher. And by a few others I’m probably as wacky as a dizzy weasel.

This is why I decided, when puzzling over how to identify myself as an author, I came up with “The Wrong Writer.” My works are silly, technical, outrageous, unsettling, goofy, mind-bending…and of course, wrong.

Wrong in the sense of writing something that doesn’t always make sense. Wrong in the sense of stepping around (or over) fiction genre borderlines now & then. Wrong in the sense of sarcastic mysteries, made-you-think-without-realizing-it science fiction, and weird horror that either makes you grimace or makes you an insomniac.

…no, they won’t eat you. Not at night anyway…

It’s fun to be wrong.

Join me in wrongness! Enjoy my writing here, in your Kindles and Nooks and phones. Subscribe to “The Wrong Message” on the right. And be prepared.

(By the way, the story that started it all is on DeviantArt: “The Arms That Howl”)