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An Infestation on an Insectoid Planet

Earth does not belong to humanity.

Oh, you’ve spread quite far. Done some incredible things with the place. Even managed to get off its surface a few times. But dominance of a planet is not awarded by its exploitation.

No, no. True dominance comes from power and population. At best, humans occupy 8% of the Earth’s available surface. That doesn’t even include the depths of the oceans. Oh, if you only knew what’s waiting for you down there…

But I digress. Humans do not have the population to master Earth. Nor the power. What do I mean by that?
The power to make rain fall and earth move.
The power to shape the environment where you stand.
The power to control life itself!

That is dominion over a world. You do not have it…but your insects do. Insects decide which plants grow where. Insects balance whole climates around their needs. Insects can pollute or pacify the natural ways of continents.

Insects outnumber you a thousand to one. They go places that would kill you instantly.

You subsist on their leavings.
You operate within their paradigm.
Earth belongs to THEM.

Insects Rule
One of trillions. Free-Photos / Pixabay

Now, with all this stark reality before you, consider. When you are sick, your body works to purge the infection, yes? Of course. That is how the body functions.

What happens if the insects decide YOU are THEIR infection…?

—Lord Glanbrin’s Truths – Message #1

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