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Announcing “Living With Humans” – a How-To Guide for Renters

Ladies, gentlemen, and cryptids with decent cell signal…

It’s here! My first nonfiction book is out!


Living With Humans - How-To Guide for Shared Housing


What the Book is About

Basically, it’s a manual on how to make living in a rental property work.

  • How to deal with roommates
  • How to work with property managers and/or landlords
  • Splitting bills
  • Taking care of the place
  • And of course, resolving problems. All in one.

Making a Roommate Situation Work


Why Write a Book on Sharing a Rental Property?

I’ve had tons of experience living in rentals – 15 years’ worth, in fact. And most of it across Silicon Valley – one of the most expensive, crowded real estate markets out there.

I kept some notes from each rental, and over time discovered that they had more than enough information for a book.

I checked Amazon, thinking, “Surely someone must have written a book for this topic already.” I did find one about picking roommates. And one about cooperating with one ‘housemate’ when you’re older.

But not a single book which addressed the realities of shared housing in today’s madcap market. Imagine my astonishment!

Imagine the grin on my face when I realized this was an opportunity…

Some time, a lot of writing, and several law references later, and it’s out!


Dealing with Roommates or Landlords? Go Check Out the Book

If you’re in a shared-housing situation, of any kind, this book is for you. Here’s the book’s link on Kindle.


Wisdom of "Living With Humans"
Yeesss, absorb the wisdom…


In order to keep this site focused on my fiction work, I’ve set up a separate website for this book at LivingWithHumans.info

It has some free downloadable resources and a poll for readers’ thoughts. Blog posts will come in the future. Please take a look!

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